The tentacles of poverty and trauma a.k.a Shape of the Future.

The tentacles of poverty and trauma attempt to reach out, stretching themselves forward in time, to bore into the minds, hearts, and spirits of every passing generation. They want the stings of stolen dreams, and failure, and pain, and shame, and abuse, and injustices never righted, to transmit forever forward and live on. In you. [...]

Short Excerpt

From WIP 1Tomorrow they will execute the last of my family. Me. My father Lucien. My sister Jacea. My grandparents sacrificed their lives for us to make it to the new world. For nothing. Because I am a coward. Because I am not strong enough. Because I am afraid. I think about Michael. His trust. The [...]

Excerpts With Audio.

"At first, it fell  A gentle rain, A few drops at a time.  It whipped, and split, and tore horizontal,  slanting through the sky.  Flooded streets, rain-soaked rooftops, all in inky black For weeks the rain bore down,  Sidewalks crumbled, split, and cracked.  No sun. No moon. No stars.  The storm burned away the veil  [...]